Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know!


The weather has prevented us from using our rented equipment. Am I entitled to a refund?

North Carolina weather can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds or discounts due to inclimate weather. 

Does a double occupancy kayak require two people?

 No, but one person may have difficulty operating our double occupancy kayak alone. For this reason, we also offer a single occupancy kayak. 


The website says ocean kayak, but my house is not on the ocean. Will your kayaks work in the bay or sound?

 Our kayaks are designed to be used in a variety of situations. You may operate them in the ocean, bay, or sound. 

Can we leave our chairs and umbrellas on the beach over night?

Please do not leave your equipment unattended at any time. Some counties have crews that sweep the beaches after hours to dispose of any leftover belongings or trash. Moneysworth is not responsible for equipment lost or stolen. You may be subject to a charge for unreturned items. 

When will my items be picked up from my rental home?

With the exception of Linen and Baby Equipment, all equipment is subject to pickup by our drivers beginning at 5:30PM prior to your departure date. We ask that you leave all rented items in the same location where they were delivered.

We ordered linens, but do not see them. Where should we look?

Linen orders are delivered in a black bin and placed outside of your rental. Please look in all surrounding areas before calling our office. 

Are we responsible for washing our linens before we leave?

All of our rented linens are transported to a laundry facility to be cleaned and sanitized. You’re on vacation! Leave the hard work to us. 

What do we do with our rented linens when we check out?

All linens rented from Moneysworth should be returned to the bin they arrived in and placed outside for pick-up. This is an important step as our drivers to not have access to the inside of your rental property. Please ensure that the bin contains rented linens only. 

We have arrived at our rental home, but our equipment has not yet been delivered. What do we do?

For those who are anxious to hit the beach, we offer a $25 priority delivery fee to get your equipment to you faster! For all regular orders, please allow our drivers until 5PM to deliver your equipment. If you have not received your items by then, feel free to call our office. 

Do all bikes come with helmets?

All children’s bikes come with helmets. A child helmet will be provided with adult bikes rented with baby seats. You may order as many helmets as you need through our website. Please contact us for any sizing inquiries. 

Do I have to wear a bike helmet?

You are subject to the state helmet laws in the jurisdiction where you are riding. Please ride safely.